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Tick Control

About Ticks

Ticks are prevalent all over the country. Most common are the Deer and the Lone Star ticks. Belonging to the class of Arachnida, the tick is related to the spider and the scorpion. They grow in three stages starting from larva, to nymph, to adult. Once becoming an adult, the Lone Star tick develops a white dot on its back. This white dot will not be visible during the nymph stage. Ticks are found in the woods (damp areas) and very often on dogs. That is primarily how ticks find their ways into homes and eventually onto humans. Ticks carry Lyme disease. Not all tick bites will result in the transferring of the disease however, if the biting tick is pulled from the skin within 24 hours the disease cannot be transmitted.

If the tick is attached for over 24 hours or longer, a healthcare provider should be contacted immediately. An allergic reaction is common in tick bites. Redness and an irritating itch will occur, not to be confused with the rash that comes from Lyme disease. The best way to remove a tick from your skin is to pinch it with your index finger and thumb and pull gently at a 90 degree angle. The use of fire, Vaseline, or nail polish is not an appropriate approach for removing ticks. On some occasions, the head of the tick will remain in the skin after the body is pulled off. Simply grip it with a pair of tweezers and it will come out. There are several ways to avoid acquiring ticks. Proper clothing should be worn when camping and the spraying of that clothing with applicable bug spray will diminish the risk of getting bitten. If you have a dog, maintaining its hygiene through bathing will greatly reduce the risk of ticks entering your home.


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