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Spiders make a mess of your house. Their webbing creates an unkempt, abandoned look, and some of them can be poisonous to pets and even family members. Our qualified experts will solve your spider problems in a safe, efficient manner.

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About Spiders

Spiders are arthropods that have eight legs, and typically use there fangs to inject prey with venom. There are many misconceptions about spiders, so here are some quick facts about arachnids that may help in your understanding of them. When the weather starts to cool spiders do typically tend to come indoors to find shelter from the elements. This is typically the time when most infestations will occur, depending on the region of the country. If the weather gets colder sooner or the climate goes through a drastic change from day to night, shifting more than 30 degrees, this will also prompt spiders to seek shelter within ones home.

Spiders typically feed on insects and other arthropods, but some species prefer a sugar soluble to gain there nutrients, such as the nectar of a fruit. If your home has certain fruits in the open, a spider might be prompted to use this as a source of food, depending upon the type of spider. Most spiders are commonly seen outdoors in the late summer when they are most likely to set up there web to collect prey. Some of the more common spiders that our found within ones home in north America are funnel web spiders, cobweb spiders, cellar spiders, and sac spiders. If bitten most spiders are non lethal depending upon the size of the person bit but it is always a good suggestion to seek medical assistance if there is an immediate swelling and redness that spreads. One North American spider that has effective venom is the Brown recluse. A bite from this spider typically requires medical attention, due to infection that may occur.


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