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Termite Removal

If insects are seen emerging from a foundation base there is a possibility the house is infested and termite removal could be warranted. Other signs of infestation are mud tubes expanding over foundation walls, support piers, floor joists and other areas of your homes wood extremities. Mud tubes are typically about the width of a pen, but sometimes can be thicker. Termites construct and use these mud tubes for shelter and as travel ways between their underground colonies and the structure.  Another warning sign is the structures wood will be hollowed out along the grain. Termites typically colonize in the spring months of most areas of the United States, which is a great time to search for the warning signs and seek professional help.

Rodent Removal

Certain infestations within the home can be traced back to a rodent source and rodent removal becomes necessary. Signs of this type of infestation include small mounds of rodent feces in tight areas within your home. Food boxes which contents appear to be nibbled, feeding stations in crevasses within your home, and small gnawing marks are all signs of rodent infestation. If you encounter nests within your home it is likely that it is from infestation. Homes will also develop a stale smell from infestation.

Insect Removal

A common sign you are in need of insect removal is discovering Insect remains in your home, including, whole carcasses, body parts and cast-skins, most likely found on window sills within your home as well as within cracks and crevices of shelves. Frass or insect droppings, including, black roach pellets, poppy-seed termite pellets, saw-dust or powder-post beetle pellets, and suspicious piles of fine dust or powder are all signs of an insect infestation. Any holes or tunnels found within materials in your home can mean that insects are present. A fresh hole is one which both continues from one page through the next and is accompanied by insect droppings, if not also live insects.


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