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Rodent Control

Rodent Removal

Rodents are cute and cuddly-- when they're running in a little wheel in a cage. When they're in your house, gnawing on your food, building burrows inside your walls, and spreading disease, they aren't so cute anymore.

Rat Removal

If you think that having a mouse problem is bad, think again. Rat removal can be a much bigger problem to handle…literally. Rats are bigger than most mice, and can carry an array of diseases that can be extremely harmful. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( there are 6 common diseases that are caused by rats including Salmonella, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). Not only do rats spread disease-they can also spread fleas (which are extremely hard to get rid of without a professional Pest control expert). Because of these risks, you must seek the help of a pest control company to come and take care of the problem. Another key to point out is rats are also dangerous. Rats are versatile and can live virtually anywhere. They can chew through just about everything, and can actually destroy things in your home and cause electrical fires. They ruin your food, and contaminate your belongings. Trying to remove rats can be dangerous because they do bite. This is where a trained professional will able to use his knowledge to get the rats removed. The rat removal will be done in a safe manner because the professional will be able to handle all the issues safely and affectively.

About Rats

Rats can often be a large problem for homes around the country. Infestation can occur in many circumstances depending on the type of home that you live in and location of your home. The two most common rats in North America are the brown rat and the black rat. These species typically live with or near humans. These species of rat are opportunistic survivors. They will scavenge find environments that offer food and shelter on a consistent basis.

The normal lifespan of these rats is two to five years. They also have the knack to grow in numbers at a fast pace. Once they have found a consistent food and shelter source they will breed in large numbers, typically six to twelve in size each breeding cycle. The most negative effects of rat infestation are disease and parasite exposure. Rat feces is commonly known to spread such diseases as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, murine typhus, rat-bite fever, Salmonella, enterica serovar, typhimurium leptospirosis, and eosinophilic meningitis. Some of these diseases can be fatal. Parasites can cause there own list of potentially dangerous disease and often occur with a rat infestation, endangering not only you but your pets as well. Knowledge and prevention are the best tools to avoid these problems.

About Mice

Itís a wonder why mice are so often portrayed in films, cartoons, and storybooks as adorable friends who have hearts of gold. Reality check: mice are rodents who will eat your food, leave urine and excrement on your countertops, and contaminate everything they touch. As if this isnít bad enough, mice will also gnaw into materials such as paper, books, wood, upholstery, plastic, soft metals, and wiring which may cause a fire hazard, while destroying your prized possessions. Mice can also carry diseases or parasites such as fleas, mites, and worms, which can spread other diseases. Additionally, their excrement may contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning. Complicating things further, mice are extremely difficult to eliminate. They are incredibly resilient and can survive in unfavorable conditions such as cold locals with only a bit of rotting food, making your pantry or garden a piece of paradise.

It is important to pay attention to the signs that mice leave behind before they clean you out! Droppings, fresh gnawing marks, tracks and markings from their tails indicate areas where mice are active. You may also find a mouse nest, made from fine shredded paper or other fibrous material. Additionally, house mice have a characteristic musky odor that identifies their presence. Perhaps the most common sign of mice is their droppings. Mice droppings appear in size about 1/8 to 1 inch in length, are dark and pointed at both ends, and will be left behind practically everywhere they have been. You canít do it alone! Ridding your home or garden of mice is nearly impossible without professional help. Mice infiltrate the walls of structures, and build nests in which they raise their young. Reaching these nests can only be done professionally. A specialist will examine your home and yard, observe the obvious signs, and strategically place poisons and traps that will first lead the mice away from your home before being exterminated. This is often done by feeding the mice poison that initially causes intense thirst. As the mice leave the home in search of water, they succumb to the poison. The benefit of this strategy is preventing strong adverse odors arising from decomposing mice within the walls of your home. This risk alone should merit a phone call to a professional!

A Friendly Tip: What to do Before the Exterminator Arrives

There are loads of readily available ways to kill mice including mouse traps and poisons but killing the little animals isn't for everyone nor does it get rid of the pests completely in most cases. Our best advice is to defend your house before it becomes infested. Seal off entry points on the roof, under the eaves and in the garage. Mice are often attracted to the warmth inside your home in the winter time. However, if it's too late, there's a good way to drive them off without dangerous poisons or messy traps. It's called an electronic or ultrasonic repeller. This device usually works by plugging into a wall outlet and sending out pulses of high frequency sound waves which scare off the mice. Don't worry since the sound waves emitted are so high frequency that our ears can't pick them up. Be aware that some pet owners who have tried these out say it is discomforting to their cat or dog.


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