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Green pest services pick up where traditional pest services leave off, making sure that the harmful chemicals used to get rid of unwanted pests doesn't similarly affect the human portion of your habitat. In today's world, where ecological impacts are more important than ever before, it is no longer safe to rely on pesticides and chemicals as the sole means of eliminating pests in the home or office. That's why more and more consumers are turning to green pest services and Green Shield certification to help them make the best choice for their families.

What is Green Shield Certification?

Green Shield is a nonprofit certification program that oversees pest elimination services, ensuring that they find safe and sustainable solutions to pest control. Green Shield is a private company, but its name has become synonymous with safer options in pest prevention and elimination. It works by approving green pest services that meet a standard set of criteria, most often relying on a lowered use of pesticides and finding solutions that get rid of pests from their source or their point of entry into your home.

While Green Shield certification is a great indicator that the company you are choosing for pest control is environmentally conscious, it isn't a requirement. In fact, one of the hallmarks of Green Shield is its reliance on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a pest control solution that is available to anyone at any time.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management is a program recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It takes a comprehensive approach to pest management, never relying on just one step of the pest elimination process to find a viable solution. It works by locating the source of the pest problem and building from there, finding ways to eliminate the pests permanently without causing undue risk to humans or the environment. This includes everything from getting rid of entire habitats and using things like traps and vacuums to get rid of pests to relying on natural biological controls.

Of course, pesticides are still required from time to time, even in Integrated Pest Management. However, they are considered a last resort, and synthetic pesticides are avoided whenever possible. Instead, the focus is on using plant-derived and naturally-occurring organic substances.

Making the Safe, Green Pest Control Choice

What makes green pest control unique is the solution-oriented approach to pest management. Instead of offering a once-monthly spray or pesticides that can get into your food, your bedding, and all the other corners of your home, green pest control looks at the big picture. How are the pests getting in? What is attracting them? How can your home or office be changed to limit their access? How can a solution be tailored for your unique situation?

At the end of the day, the idea behind Green Shield and Integrated Pest Management is one of diversification. When your pest control provider aligns with these views - meaning they look at all the angles to eliminate pests - your result is a safer, more effective solution.

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