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Fly Control

Fly Removal

Flies can become quite a pest if they infest your home. Some types of flies such as sciarid flies, black Fungus midges, pot-plant flies or flower-pot flies can come in hyper abundant numbers, which makes them hard to contain and control. Other flies are known to be dangerous and carry diseases. Pest Bomb can assistance you with your fly problems. Let an insect removal expert in your area come to your home and rid the pest for you. Dealing with pests alone may be inefficient and a hassle; we will target the problem directly, so it is completely terminated

About Flies

Letting a cool breeze into your home can be quite frustrating when you realize that by opening the door, you’ve let in one of the most common pests in the world: the fly. Flies are not only annoying to residents, but they can carry up to 5 million germs at one time and are one of the most common transporters of disease. Eve more problematic is fly reproduction. Houseflies lay eggs in almost any warm, moist material that will supply suitable food for the larvae, such as garbage. Female flies begin laying eggs a few days after hatching, and can lay 100 eggs five to six times in their short lifetime. In warm weather, eggs hatch in 12 to 24 hours, leaving your home and garbage area a fly infestation. A professional can help you prevent this problem with special products that will attract flies, and remove them from your home. Pheromone traps use sexual attractants to lure flies to sticky pads or into liquid traps. Lighted traps lure flies to the light they emanate and trap them in a depository sack. Fly zappers lure the flies to a 20-watt ultraviolet bulb, which emits electricity. A professional can help you assess the situation and determine what products are best for you. Avoid the annoyance of flies and the risk of germs and disease they pose by consulting with a professional today!


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