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Flea Removal

Flea removal can be a very tricky task. With over 1900 different species of fleas that we know of, when there is an infestation you need professional help. The bad part about fleas is that they spread very easily. Infestation of fleas can affect everything from yards, pets, people, and even homes. The affects of fleas can be very irritating, not only physically but also mentally. There are many possible diseases that fleas can carry including epidemic typhus and bubonic plague. For the treatment of fleas, home remedies can be a hassle and usually do not work. Letting a trained professional handle the situation is the best, smartest, and quickest way to remove the fleas from the infested area. For example, the eggs of fleas attach themselves to the carpet fibers making it almost impossible to get removed. The knowledge of a professional is needed to remove the eggs from the carpet, and stop the spread. The best results can only be found by using a trained professional for all of your flea removal needs.

Flea Exterminators
About Fleas

Known to jump 200 times their own length, have three pairs of legs, and be quite a pest, fleas are renowned for their parasitical behavior and habit of blood-sucking. There are many types of fleas, including the dog flea, cat flea, northern rat flea, oriental rat flea, and human flea. Each have a variety of hosts to which they prefer to inhabit. The most widespread and abundant flea is the cat flea, whose host is primarily the domestic cat. The cat flea also infests dogs, but cannot sustain its living on a human or rat.

Fleas are small, dark, and nimble; they do not have wings, like flies or mosquitoes, but legs meant for jumping. They are the best jumpers in the world, under the froghopper, and leap onto their hosts to feed off their blood using tube-like mouths. The flea's body is covered with short hairs and spines directed backward that enable the flea to move about its host. Their bodies are tough and made for standing firm against great pressure. This protects the flea from scratching, or being pushed and squeezed about.

Signs of flea infestation include itching, swollen spots with a centered puncture point, and perhaps rashes from allergic reactions to flea saliva. Fleas on pets may result in hair loss from constant scratching or biting at the infected areas. One way to disrupt the flea breeding cycle is to use dehumidifiers with air conditioning and vaccums. This will thwart flea eggs from hatching and cease continuing production of fleas. Flea larvae also need humidity to survive, as do adult fleas.


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