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Cricket Control

Cricket Removal

Crickets can become quite an irritating pest if they occupy your home. They incessantly chirp through all hours of the night, and feed on almost anything they can find. Eating through wallpaper, wooden closets, or doors, they'll manage to find your kitchen or pantry. Here is where they munch through wrappers and containers. If a female cricket enters your home, it may lay eggs -- hundreds of them. One easy way to deal with cricket removal is to let a professional do the work. Our qualified workers will find the problem, eliminate it quickly, and leave your home just how it should be.

About Crickets

Brown to black in color, the cricket’s front wing varies in length, and is held flat over its body. The cricket’s hind wings are folded and hidden under its aforementioned, leathery front wings. The Antennae are about the distance from the head, to the end of the abdomen in length. One of legs on a cricket is equipped with a tympanum. The tympanum is also known as the cricket’s ear. This sound receptor is a tightly stretched membrane that allows the cricket to hear. Crickets are omnivores. These scavengers feed on decaying plant material, fungi, seedling plants, and other organic material. They are prey to spiders, some wasps, ground beetles, birds, small rodents, and lizards. They live along roadsides, in pastures, and underneath rocks and logs in meadows.

The majority of crickets are nocturnal. If needed for collection, field crickets can be found in damp areas of gardens, or in leaf litter. They can also be purchased at local pet stores. In some parts of the country crickets are considered to be pests found in abundance in homes and barns. They have very little effect on the eco system however, one positive effect, is that they do break down plant material, which is great for soil. A couple of negative effects are that they can be damaging to seedlings in large numbers and the male songs can be annoyingly loud.


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