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Worst Summer Bugs

Summer bugs are among some of the worst pests homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts will ever encounter. While location and climate both have a strong bearing on the types of bugs that make an appearance during the summer months, there are a few nasty customers that continually pop up to make a general nuisance of themselves and threaten the health of passersby. Knowing what they are and what hazards they pose can go a long way in keeping you safe during the hotter months.

Why Do Bugs Come Out in Summer?

Summer generally brings about warmer weather, higher rates of humidity, and an abundance of plant and animal life. This means that not only are bugs more comfortable and at their breeding peak, but they have plenty to eat, as well. Those that hibernate are out with a vengeance, and it's easy to come across swarms in the air and on the ground.

Of course, the bugs of summer are also a matter of perception. In the cooler months, most bugs go into hiding in the dank, dark spaces of tree trunks and other natural shelters. For the most part, they remain unseen and out of the way because they - and you - stay inside where it's warm. If you're like most people, the summer months bring you closer to the outdoor arena that bugs call home, so in way, you're the one doing the invading.

Worst Summer Bugs: Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the most recognizable summer bug. In addition to carrying a number of diseases, their bites cause redness, itching, and other physical discomforts. Mosquitoes are most often found in and around standing pools of water, which is where they lay their eggs in the summer. They are most common in humid areas, although almost every part of the United States suffers from at least mild mosquito infestations.

While most mosquitoes can be handled by decreasing the amount of standing water and wearing long sleeves and protective bug spray, yards that are connected to particularly wet areas may need more intensive pest control. In addition, there are also many different species of mosquitoes, so not all of them can be taken care of in the same way.

Worst Summer Bugs: Bees

Bees and yellow jackets are especially damaging to those who have allergies, since bee stings can prove fatal if not treated in a timely manner. They thrive in all areas of the country, making hives from overhangs and the nooks and crannies of your home. If left untreated, these hives can grow considerably in size, increasing the likelihood of stings. Getting rid of the hives can be a complicated process to do alone, since any disruption generally releases the entire swarm in and around your house.

Worst Summer Bugs: Termites

Termites are more commonly found in wet, humid areas. While they aren't particularly damaging to people, they can wreak havoc on the wooden foundation or walls of buildings. In winter, most termites go down into the ground to their nests, returning in the summer months to feed on the structure of your house.

Because they can create lasting damage costing up to tens of thousands of dollars, it is important not to delay control of termites. If you suspect termites, it is best to call someone for a survey as soon as possible.

Worst Summer Bugs: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest bugs to have invading your home. In the summer, they present a much larger indoor problem than they do in the cooler spring and fall months. Too much heat outside actually drives the cockroaches indoors, causing them to seek out the moist areas of your home.

Although cockroaches don't present the same health and habitat hazards that many other summer bugs do, their size and appearance make them unpleasant roommates. It is usually best to control cockroaches before they have a chance to lay their eggs in the hidden parts of your home.

Get Pest Control Help

No matter what summer bugs may be threatening the fun of your season, it's important to remember that safety should always be your first priority. While an ant may ruin a picnic, the bigger, nastier bugs of the season can ruin everything from your health to your home if left untreated.


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