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Ant Control and Removal Services

Ant removal can be an annoying and large task for anyone. They will attack any location no matter how small the opening may be. Ants are very social, and when you have one there are bound to be innumerable amounts of them lurking to attack. Unless you live in Antarctica, dealing with ants will become a life long conquest. With more than 12,000 documented species of ants, it will be impossible for the average person to know exactly what to do to exterminate the problem. The best way to conquer these eager workers is to hire a professional to exterminate them before they infiltrate you dwelling, business, or yard. This will be the most affective way to make sure that your time will not turn into a frustrating one. These trained professionals will know the best methods to not only get rid of a current ant infestation, but will build a barrier to stop a future problem. Ant removal can be made easier by letting a professional exterminator handle the battle for you.

About Ants

Ants are one of the most common pests encountered by pest control companies. Merely leaving a single crumb can draw the attention of dozens of worker ants, wanting nothing more than to forage through your pantry. Their sense of smell is about 40 times stronger than humans. Ants use special nerve cells associated with tiny hairs on their antennae to smell odors. As one ant finds his way to kitchen crumbs, and returns to the nest, he will leave behind a chemical trail for co-workers to follow back to the food source. Within minutes you might find a line of ants leading to your kitchen. The nest to which the ants are returning may be located in your yard. This can also pose a problem because colonies can grow to consist of millions of ants, literally taking over the backyard and biting or stinging children who come into contact with them.

Even more problematic are Fire ants. These are very small but they are also very territorial and can attack children, pets, and adults without warning. Hundreds of these ants can attack a target at once, filling the victim with venom, sometimes resulting in hospitalization. Get Professional help. Tackling this project alone with some powder or a home-remedy may only delay the ants from returning. Additionally, you will only kill the ants you see while there may be hundreds or thousands left underground. In order to fully eradicate the problem, you’ll need a professional to exterminate your backyard ants. Truly effective treatments can penetrate and destroy nests of any type. As there are different types of ants, there are varying remedies that apply. A professional will be able to identify the type of ant, and the appropriate remedy to keep your home free of little intruders.

A Friendly Tip: What to do Before the Exterminator Arrives

Ants can get everywhere pretty quickly and are particularly annoying to get rid of due to their overwhelming numbers. However, if you pour some baking soda on any high ant traffic area, where they get inside your home or at the ant hill then you can confuse them for a day or so. It's especially useful in keeping them out of the kitchen while you're waiting on the exterminator to get there. Why does it work? Ants leave behind a trail of formic acid in their travels beyond the ant hill or hideout. This is how they organize themselves and tell each other where to go to find food to bring back etc.

Baking soda, which is made of sodium bicarbonate, is a base that can neutralize the formic acid in the ant trail and turn it into formate. The ants don't recognize the formate and their communication and navigation will be cut off. Other homes remedies include spraying vinegar at entry points because they don't like the smell or putting cucumber near the entry points because they dislike the taste. However, baking soda has proved to be the easiest, most effective short term solution.


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